Google Maps, Crypto's Opportunity, and Parenting Lessons

November 2022

On problem solving, angel investing, and the benefits of being permission-less
WTF just happened and where we go from here -- in Q&A form.

September 2022

on what web1 can teach us about web3, "The Merge", why the little things matter more than the big things, and #lifegoals
on crypto, persistence, failure, our obsession with money, and more..

August 2022

Do you have zero knowledge about zero knowledge proofs? Let's fix that..

July 2022

To know where we're goin', you first need to understand where we've been

June 2022

Why its time to retire the term "web3" + Crypto Concierge launches!

May 2022

What can we learn from a crypto bear market?

April 2022

Plus NFT fundraising and our crypto investing playbook comes to life
Why crypto will re-inspire all of us to get more involved

March 2022

Why crypto will democratize investing